Dental Technology

advanced dental technology

Advanced Dental Technology

Your North Tonawanda dentist office proudly offers the latest in dental technology to make your experience more comfortable, reduce the amount of time necessary for treatment, and increase the number of dental services we are able to provide.

Digital X-Rays – Digital radiography is a tremendous advancement over traditional x-rays. The radiation exposure is approximately 90% lower than traditional dental film x-rays, and amounts to less than the radiation you are exposed to in the natural sunlight over approximately one week. Digital x-rays provide almost instant access to your images, speeding the process by up 20 minutes, so that you can get in and out of the dental office quicker. We use both Panoramic and Individual tooth views to gain a broad image of your teeth, jaw, joints, sinuses, and other areas surrounding the teeth.

Intra-Oral Camera – The digital micro-camera technology allows the dentist to take a close up view of the inside of your mouth and display it on a computer screen. Now you can see what your North Tonawanda dentist can see! This is revolutionizing the way people in the Western New York area are interacting with their dental professionals.

Diagnodent Cavity Detection – Wouldn’t it be great if we could detect cavities in the early stages, offering hope of re-mineralizing the tooth and preventing fillings? The human eye can only see so much.  With Diagnodent dental technology, we can use a small laser to detect cavities that are just beginning to form and not visible to the naked eye. This type of preventive diagnostic tool allows us to save more of your natural tooth surface and early detection can save our patients from requiring extensive dental treatment.

SonicFill Fillings – When it comes to placing natural, tooth colored fillings, all systems are not equal. The Sonicfill system allows speed and accuracy when placing fillings. This dental filling technology offers long lasting restorations and can contributes to less post-operative sensitivity for our Western New York patients.

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