Flossing: Start a Good Habit


At North Tonawanda Family Dentistry, it’s a question we ask every day. After an exam, it’s pretty obvious whether our patients are telling the truth or not when it comes to flossing.

You Floss…Right?

I try to.

Er… Maybe once per week?


What’s that?


Forgetting to floss isn’t something to be ashamed of (we’ve ALL been there), but it is important. Here are some ways to help keep you accountable about keeping your teeth healthy.

Keep it Handy

Keeping your floss out on your bathroom counter is one way to help you to not only remember to use it, but also to encourage you to use it. If it’s easy to see and reach, you’re more likely to do it instead of putting it off.

Get a Flossing Buddy

If you have a roommate or spouse, start a flossing support club. Hold each other accountable for that twice daily ritual and it’ll be much easier to stay honest. If you go a whole week, treat yourselves to something nice!

Mix it Up

Don’t buy the same floss every time. Mix up your dental hygiene products to keep it (ahem) “fresh”. Did you have mint floss last time? Find a cinnamon one to try, or a get a new flosser. This will make it more exciting to floss! Who knows, you might even want to floss your teeth next time.

Transportable Tooth Tools

Keep some floss handy in your purse or desk at work. If you always have it with you, you’re more likely to use it when your mouth isn’t feeling so fresh.

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