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What Is Gingivitis?

woman holding her lower jaw concerned with gingivitis

Caring for your gums is one of the most important things dentists do, because gum disease is the number one cause of tooth loss in adults! Read our blog post to learn about gingivitis and gum disease. Contact us if you want more information on gum issues.

4 Tips for Elderly Oral Care

Elderly woman in need of oral care looks out the window of a white building with white shutters

Read our blog post for tips to care for your oral health as you advance in age. We welcome patients of all ages. If you’re missing a tooth or two, we even offer services to restore your smile to full function. Contact us today to learn more!

Do I Need to Brush My Tongue?

Two dark-haired young women stand against a white wall smiling and laughing while wearing long-sleeved sweaters

If you don’t regularly brush your tongue as part of your oral hygiene routine, check out our blog post. Learn about why your tongue is important and how to properly brush it to keep your mouth squeaky clean. Contact us to schedule your next dental visit!