Revolutionize Your Oral Health

Time and again, dentists will emphasize that the good ‘ole toothbrush and floss are the most essential tools to maintain healthy teeth. However, there are constantly new options available that can help revolutionize the way you take care of your oral health, making your daily routine more enjoyable! The following highlights commonly favored oral care products for everyday use that you can easily incorporate into your routine.

revolutionize oral health

Electric Toothbrush

These have become popular for various reasons. People enjoy the motion and thoroughness they provide, increasing their satisfaction during and after brushing. Many electric brushes also have a timer on them to ensure you brush for the recommended two minutes. In recent years, reasonably priced electric toothbrushes were made available, instead of paying the $100+ price tag. Not everyone is a fan of electric toothbrushes, so consider buying a lower priced one to see if it’s the right option for you.

“Dentist Tools”

Some people enjoy the dentist so much they desire identical tools that are on the shiny silver trays at the office. Examples are the pointy, metal toothpicks, mouth mirrors, circular dentist tooth brushes, and high-pressure water piks. These are now commonly found at your local drug store. Inquire about the use, and incorporation of these tools into your routine, if you choose them for home oral care.

Disposable Floss Picks

Our culture is on the go, so we are attracted to conveniences that accommodate our routine. For whatever reason, the little box of floss has been replaced by disposable floss picks. Maybe they’re more socially acceptable than wrapping floss around your fingers? Regardless, if this assists in keeping a healthy oral regimen, then disposal floss pick away!

Natural Remedies: Oil-Pulling

Another recent cultural phenomenon is using natural remedies. Natural remedies encompass a wide variety of opinions and recommendations, so do your research and consult Dr. Greenberg and Dr. Jean about them. Oral care has its own niche of natural products and methods, such as oil-pulling. Sesame oil, sunflower oil and coconut oil are a few options utilized. It’s an easy concept: swish the oil for 10-20 minutes, such as you would with mouthwash, to dislodge and clean food and bacteria from between your teeth.

ADA (American Dental Association) Approved

Some dentists, when asked about what products to use, may suggest looking for anything that is ADA approved. The American Dental Association dates back to 1913, and remains a respected association. They perform in-depth testing and research on products that relate to oral health and dental products. If you are having difficulties choosing between brands, and deciphering what does or doesn’t meet your needs, consider using the ADA website as a resource.

Remember that North Tonawanda Family Dentistry is also a great a source of information! Ask us to demonstrate proper techniques (flossing, brushing, using various tools), and if you’re unsure what products will work best for you, ask for suggestions. Happy teeth cleaning!

Schedule an appointment today with North Tonawanda Family Dentistry to revolutionize your oral health. We can’t wait to help you get a healthy, bright and shining smile.