Signs You Might Have a Cavity

The signs and symptoms of cavities can be very obvious or really subtle. Depending on the extent of decay and where the tooth is located, you might not feel a cavity at all. When a cavity is just forming, it is possible you’ll experience no symptoms at all. As the decay spreads and the cavity gets larger, you may notice signs and symptoms such as:

  • Mild to severe toothache.
  • General tooth sensitivity.
  • Mild to sharp pain when eating or drinking something sweet, hot or cold.
  • Visible holes or pits in your teeth that are not part of the normal grooves.
  • Brown, black or white staining on any surface of a tooth (however sometimes this is just staining and not a cavity).
  • Pain when you bite down on food or even just clench your teeth.

Since you may not be aware that a cavity is forming, it’s important to have regular dental checkups and cleanings, even when your mouth feels fine and healthy. However, if you are experiencing any toothache or mouth pain, see your our dentists and dental team at North Tonawanda Family Dentistry as soon as possible.

How Do I Fix a Cavity?

It’s important to see your dentist so you can have the tooth decay removed and the cavity filled. This is the only way to stop the decay from spreading. If you think you are prone to cavities (due to genetics or for any other reason), then it may be a good idea to have professional fluoride treatment to help remineralize your teeth and prevent more cavities from developing.

What Can I Do to Prevent More Cavities?

Take a hard look at your oral hygiene habits and your diet. Sugar and carbohydrates can lead to cavities, especially if consumed in excess. If you drink a lot of soda, you should switch to something healthier and better for your teeth like water. It is imperative that you floss and brush your teeth for at least two minutes every day. Seeing your dentist for regular cleanings is also vital for preventing cavities and maintaining good oral health.

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