How to Send Your Kids to School with Good Dental Habits

Encouraging your kids to develop good dental habits is easy when they are at home, but what about when they are at school? If you are like most families, your children spend a considerable part of their day away from home at school. There are steps you can take to make sure your children understand, and practice, good dental habits even when you aren’t there to remind them.


Here a few ways you can make sure your children grow up with the dental habits they need to get through a busy school day:

Pack healthy foods: If you want to make sure your children eat healthy food that tastes good, is good for them, and good for their teeth, pack a lunch or snack foods that promote good dental health. This means plenty of foods high in calcium and low in sugar, such as plain yogurt. Crunchy, fresh fruits and vegetables such as apples and carrots help remove plaque from tooth surfaces. Cheese – preferably low-fat cheese — is also an excellent tooth-friendly food. Not only does the calcium in cheese help build strong teeth and bones, but it also lowers PH levels in the mouth, which can help retard the growth of harmful bacterial that can cause cavities or bad breath.

Advocate healthy foods and drinks at your children’s school: Many schools have vending machines that contain unhealthy snacks or sugar-laden soft drinks, or they offer ice cream or other unhealthy snacks for students. Be an advocate for children’s dental health with your local school officials and work with them to help replace unhealthy snack and beverage options in your local schools with health choices for children.

Tooth brushing is not just for home: Encourage your children to brush their teeth after meals at school just as they do at home. Remind your children that being at school is no reason to not brush your teeth.

Good dental health does not stop at your front door. Instill in your children the need to practice good dental care wherever they may be, and they will reap the benefits of good dental hygiene for the rest of their lives.

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