Replacing Teeth with Dentures: What to Expect


Using dentures for the first time can be a big step. Many patients delay the procedure or avoid it as long as possible due to unfamiliarity with the process of getting dentures or fear of possible social stigma. Fortunately, modern, properly-fitted dentures can provide patients with years of comfortable, winning smiles.

Dentures: The Fitting

After the waiting period, your dentist will fit you for your new dentures. This process may involve x-rays to check on the underlying bone structure of your gums but will primarily consist of taking a series of impressions of your upper and lower gums. These impressions will be used to create dental plates – the pink material which mimics your gums and serves as a supporting base for the false teeth – and they precisely fit your mouth.

How Dentures Stay in Place

The upper plate is generally larger and relies largely on suction to hold it in place, while the lower more closely mimics the shape of your gums and is held in place by gravity. Dental adhesives may also be used to keep them in place.

Your dentist will then do a final fitting to make sure your dentures fit correctly, are comfortable, and that you are happy with the results.

Getting Used to New Dentures

There will be an adjustment period after getting dentures. This is completely normal as you become accustomed to your new teeth. Many new denture wearers report such things as a feeling of fullness in their mouth, gum soreness and irritation, and difficulty speaking.

These symptoms should subside as you become used to your dentures.

However, if you notice increased or lingering gum soreness or irritation, or any symptoms that concern you, you should contact your our office.

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